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Post Christmas we all go down a half dozen notches and head to Aireys Inlet for our Summer break. Even here, although the pace is very slow, and what you don’t do today you can always do tomorrow, there are a few traditions.

Summer Pudding is one of our traditions, the secret to a good Summer Pudding is the bread. We buy a Pannetone, the type with sultanas only, no peel or jams. It is fragrant and sweet and flavours the whole pudding. The rest is pretty simple. Boil up 1 kg of mixed berries, I use a mixture of fresh and frozen, half a cup of sugar, a dessert spoon of pure vanilla extract or a vanilla bean. Slice the Pannetone into 1cm bread slices


Line the sides of the bowl with Pannetone slices, layer the berries over the bread, then place a slice of bread over the berries, more berries, another slice of bread, until you finish with a layer of bread on top


Place a plate on top of the layered bread and berries, weigh down with a heavy can ie baked beans on top of the plate, refrigerate for 24 hours. To serve, invert the bowl, dislodge the pudding, slice and serve with vanilla ice cream. Ours was a welcome break during a particularly intense game of Scrabble.

In addition to food when we are at Aireys it is the only time of year that we have enough down time to do something purely relaxing, art and craft. This year we are creating a montage of water colors and mosaics. My sister, the artist in our family is down for a couple of days to contribute the nicest pieces and give us a guiding hand. Each of us is contributing our own squares to add to the canvas. Even though none of us, except my sister, have any art training, we have come up with some ripper designs which we all love.



I am also finishing my final sea glass mosaic for Nicki’s bedroom with the letters of her name. Now that we each have a sea glass and shell mosaic in our bedroom (and as Nic would say I have run out of words to mosaic) this artistic endeavor is over and it’s on to a watercolor project



Tonight we are sitting on the deck eating barbecued snapper, surrounded by candles in a very balmy night. The mosquito coils are lit and the hot wind has finally turned cooler and southerly. It is the epitome of a perfect Aireys summer night.


The whole snapper was cooked in foil on the barbeque with four chopped spring opinions, two dessert spoons of ginger, sprinkle of sesame oil, quarter cup of soy sauce. Served with a green salad, the perfect hot summer night meal.




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